President Donald Trump and the destructive Republican Congress are implementing cruel and damaging policies that are sowing division and taking us backwards as a country. As a result, we’re not only fighting the same battles that we’ve been fighting for decades, but battles we thought we had surpassed and won decades ago.

Ayanna is running for Congress because we desperately need inclusive, transformative leadership at this pivotal moment. These times demand, and the people of this district deserve, a representative who will enlist them as partners in the development, visioning, and governing of their communities. Activism is no longer an option, but is the expectation of our generation.


Ayanna Will...

Build Healthy Communities

  • By taking on the NRA, stopping the flow of illegal guns, and treating our gun epidemic like the public health crisis it is.
  • By protecting our environment and fighting climate change.
  • By improving ALL of our schools.
  • By fighting for equitable, affordable, and high-quality childcare that supports every parent in the new economy.
  • Multimodal, pedestrian and cyclist-friendly investments in transit infrastructure.

Create an Economy that Works for Everyone

  • Through leading the fight to eradicate income inequality in our society.
  • By working to protect the rights of women: reproductive justice, access to health care, and pay equity. Ayanna will fight for the safety, development, and health, and wellness of women and girls.
  • By continuing her work to empower small businesses to grow and create jobs.
  • By working to make college and skills training more affordable and accessible, regardless of socioeconomic status.
  • By continuing to champion the arts and creative economy.

Stand up for Communities Facing Threats

  • By standing up and speaking out against Donald Trump and the Republicans every time they disrespect our communities and jeopardize our country.
  • By working to protect the reproductive rights of women: reproductive justice, fight for the safety, development, health, and wellness of women and girls.
  • By standing up for DREAMers, recipients of Temporary Protective Status, and protecting the rights of all, no matter their immigration status.
  • By working to protect and expand access to affordable, high-quality health care.

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