Housing as a human right

Safe, affordable housing is a fundamental human right. Access to housing is a critical determinant of health outcomes, economic opportunity, and social mobility, but as rising housing prices dramatically outpace wages and the federal government systematically disinvests from public housing, safe, stable housing remains out of reach for too many families. The housing crisis impacting all of our communities is only magnified for low-income communities and communities of color, who are living in the aftermath of discriminatory policies like redlining. 

The housing crisis is intergenerational – from children who develop chronic health conditions as a result of unsafe conditions, to families who are unable to build wealth by purchasing a home, to seniors who are unable to age in place because they can no longer afford to live in their homes. To solve this crisis, we must hold the Federal government accountable for their divestment in public housing and dramatically shift course. 

Hand-in-hand with increasing the supply of safe, healthy housing, we must be intentional about linking housing with public transit, walking and biking infrastructure, open space, healthcare, opportunities to purchase healthy food, and access to great schools, so that families are able to realize the full measure of economic justice that comes with stable housing.