Housing as a Human Right

Safe, affordable housing is a fundamental human right, and a critical determinant of health outcomes, economic opportunity, and social mobility. But as rising housing costs dramatically outpace wages and the federal government systematically disinvests from public housing, safe, stable housing remains out of reach for far too many – and disproportionately low-income communities and communities of color, who bear the brunt of decades of inequitable development practices and discriminatory policies like redlining. 

Ayanna has used her position on the Financial Services Committee to press for increased federal investments in our housing stock and taken bad actors to account. She organized and legislated to successfully extend the federal eviction moratorium three times during the pandemic. Ayanna will continue to advocate for sustainable, robust housing investments to end our intergenerational housing crisis and make affordable, high-quality housing more accessible and attainable for people and families across the Massachusetts 7th.