Thank You A-Team

I am so grateful to each of you who stood with us and helped build this movement. Together, we have built something incredible and we are just getting started.

Ayanna Will...

Build Healthy Communities

  • By taking on the NRA, stopping the flow of illegal guns, and treating our gun epidemic like the public health crisis it is.
  • By protecting our environment and fighting climate change.
  • By improving ALL of our schools.
  • By fighting for equitable, affordable, and high-quality childcare.
  • By investing in multimodal, pedestrian and cyclist-friendly transit infrastructure.

Create an Economy that Works for Everyone

  • By fighting to eradicate income inequality in our society.
  • By fighting to ensure women finally receive equal pay for equal work.
  • By empowering small businesses to grow and create jobs.
  • Making college and skills training more affordable and accessible.
  • By championing the arts and creative economy.

Stand up for Communities Facing Threats

  • By standing up to Donald Trump and the Republicans every time they disrespect our communities and jeopardize our country.
  • By fighting for the safety, development, health, and wellness of women and girls.
  • By standing up for DREAMers, recipients of Temporary Protective Status, and protecting the rights of all, no matter their immigration status.
  • By protecting and expanding access to affordable, high-quality health care.

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