Imagining the future of transportation

Ensuring that all residents have access to safe, reliable, and efficient transit options is an essential part of building vibrant communities in the 7th District and beyond. Our transportation infrastructure – including roads and bridges, commuter rail, subway, buses, bike paths, and sidewalks – connect residents to opportunities and critical services like jobs, school, child care, the grocery store, the hospital, recreation, and more. This opportunity, however, is not equitably distributed across our communities, and the problem has been magnified by transportation policy that, too often, leaves out the voices of transit-dependent communities, favors mega projects over less glamorous but more impactful changes, and disproportionately prioritizes car travel over multi-modal options.

As our roads, bridges, and transit infrastructure crumbles, greater federal investment is critical, but so too is reimagining what a 21st Century transportation system looks like. In the face of a rapidly worsening climate crisis and the inequalities that are exacerbated by car-centric transportation policy, we must prioritize innovation and the development of multi-modal transportation projects that incorporate mass transit, walking, and biking infrastructure – and link those projects with ongoing housing and economic development work at the community level.