Fighting for a Just Economy

Ayanna believes that we have a once in a generation opportunity to rebuild a stronger and more equitable nation as we recover from the COVID-19 crisis.

That means union jobs with fair wages, policies that advance justice for the disability community, true healthcare justice, and more.

Ayanna has introduced Federal Job Guarantee legislation that would make good wages, strong benefits, union protections, and safe working conditions a legal right in America. Funded by the federal government and implemented locally, in partnership with communities, federal job guarantee projects would provide public jobs for all adults seeking employment – because the people deserve true economic justice.

Ayanna has pressed to expand the Child Tax Credit and she has leveraged her Committee roles to confront the corporations that are driving daily costs up for families. Ayanna knows what it is like to work multiple jobs to make ends meet and she is working towards a vision where families in America can not only survive, but thrive.