Standing Up Against Hate and Violence

Every person deserves to show up in every space as their authentic, unapologetic self. 

In the face of attacks on their most basic rights and freedoms, Ayanna has stood with our neighbors who have been marginalized and targeted. She proudly advocated for the Equality Act and introduced a long overdue bill, the Credit Reporting Accuracy After a Legal Name Change Act, that would prevent deadnaming our trans neighbors on their credit reports, improving accuracy in reporting, and increasing financial access for our trans neighbors. 

Ayanna has consistently stood up against the rise in violent white supremacy across the nation. One of her first hearings as a member of Congress addressed this head on. She has pressed for accountability and action at the federal level to protect our democracy and to save lives. Ayanna knows that our destinies are tied and the violent rhetoric and actions targeting Black Americans, AAPI folks, the Jewish community, and the Muslim community are rooted in deeply hateful rhetoric that seeks to divide us and undermine the diverse coalition of neighbors working to advance progress for all of us. Following the harrowing events of January 6th, 2021, Ayanna immediately took action to address what unfolded that day, as well as the vast network of organized white supremacy, antisemitism, and islamophobia that threatens all of our communities.