Foreign policy centered on empathy and the pursuit of peace

My approach to foreign policy is grounded in the same values that inform my domestic priorities – empathy, inclusiveness, and a belief that the solutions to our most important challenges should be informed by the people most impacted. The people closest to the pain, should be closest to the power, driving and informing the policy making.

The occupant of the White House and this Administration have pursued a foreign policy that is increasingly isolationist, reckless, and short-sighted, bringing us to the brink of war and eroding our standing on the world stage. For too long, we have devoted hundreds of billions in to endless wars and a military-industrial complex that does little to improve our national security and operates largely beyond the oversight of Congress and the American people.

In confronting critical, complex challenges in the Middle East, in Central and South America, in Africa, Asia, and in nations around the world, we must operate from a frame of equity and justice – that prioritizes coalition-building with our allies, emphasizes support to help lift marginalized communities, and that considers military action to be an absolute last resort. That’s why I have opposed the current Administration’s reckless actions in Iran, voted against defense reauthorization language that would provide billions in military funding while leaving the powers of the White House unchecked, and been outspoken about this Administration’s cruel, inhumane immigration policy.

Going forward, I will continue to focus on a people-centered approach to global affairs, re-establish America as a compassionate leader in the international community, and prioritize diplomacy and promote peace.