Foreign Policy Centered on Empathy and the Pursuit of Peace

In confronting critical, complex challenges in Russia, the Middle East, Central and South America, Africa, Asia, and in nations around the world, we must operate from a frame of equity and justice – that prioritizes coalition-building and supporting those on the ground in regions most impacted, and that considers military action to be an absolute last resort. As the Representative of a district that is 40 percent foreign-born, Ayanna knows that the foreign policy decisions we make don’t only affect people abroad, but their families and communities right here in the Massachusetts 7th. 

She is a founding co-chair of the Haiti Caucus and has spoken out in strong support of human rights, with a focus on women, girls and the most marginalized around the world. She is guided by a vision of true peace and safety for all families. Following the damage to diplomatic relations caused by the Trump Administration, Ayanna will continue to advance people-centered approaches to global affairs, re-establishing America as a compassionate leader in the international community, prioritizing diplomacy, and promoting peace.