Dear Friends,

I am so humbled by your support and so honored to be elected to serve as your next Congresswoman from the Massachusetts 7th. Together, we have built a people powered movement. Bold in our conviction and clear in our motivation, together we are charting a path forward for our district and our democracy.

I intend to govern the way we’ve campaigned: with people at the center, developing bold progressive policies together in community. I know you’re ready to get to work right alongside me.



In recent weeks, we’ve held two community Equity Agenda Forums. These are a space for us to craft policy together. We plan to hold two more Equity Agenda forums this year and three more during my first three months in Congress. Sign up here to stay up to date >>



We are also committed to building a talented, diverse, and inclusive congressional staff to partner in the work ahead and serve on behalf of the 7th. Just as we believe that the job description for Congress has changed, we believe that building a team from diverse walks of life and various professional backgrounds will help us build an office that serves the 7th well. Submit your resume here for consideration >>



Speaking of offices, we’ll get the keys to a small office in DC on January 3rd. Setting up an office in the district will take a couple months, but we plan to take that opportunity to hold Congress in the Community office hours from January – March. Our team will be mobile, and we will announce on social media platforms and our email list.

As for my time in the coming weeks, I am still your Boston City Councilor-at-Large until December 31st. I will continue to steward and champion local issues that we have worked on together as I close out my time on the Council, while also spending time in briefings and orientation meetings mandatory for new members of Congress.

I will be in DC with other incoming members of Congress Nov 12th – 16th and Nov 26th – 30th. All new members of Congress will also spend a week of mandatory orientation right here in the 7th over at Harvard from Dec 3rd – 7th.

My City Hall office can be reached for municipal issues until Dec 31st, and my Congressional office will open its doors in DC (and its phone lines) on January 3rd. Until I am sworn in federal requests and casework should be directed to your current Congressman, Michael Capuano, or to your U.S. Senators, Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey.



Many of you have asked about a swearing-in ceremony as well. I am so humbled to share the history we made together with you. Since the House of Representatives has many members, we are all sworn in together on the House floor.

The January 3rd swearing-in will just be my hand on my granddad’s bible, my daughter Cora on the House floor by my side, and my husband looking on from the balcony with other spouses.

But, we want to create space to honor this historic occasion with you. So, we will also be holding a Community Swearing-In in the district on January 12th. Sign up to receive an email when tickets are available here. We would be so honored to have you join us.


I am beyond proud of what we have built together and I know this is just the beginning. I am so grateful for your counsel, support and partnership. There is no shortage of work to do. We are clear eyed about what lies ahead and beyond encouraged by what we can do together. Thank you for believing in the power of us.

Yours in service,